Our passion and philosophy of care focus on the whole child. We believe in…

  • The value and dignity of all children.
  • The early years of life develop the framework and foundation for lifelong learning.
  • That intellectual and social skills are learned best in an environment that nurtures and respects each’s own self-esteem.
  • Children learn best with active problem solving, experimentation and exploration within a safe stimulating environment.

Chapter1 Daycare provides a program to allow your child develop a love for independence, learning, self-control and positive interaction with their peers. We understand that each child is unique, providing a safe, comfortable and nurturing space where children are stimulated to assist in the development of social, emotional, physical and intellectual skills.

If you have any questions with the running of your child’s classroom, your child’s care or any other aspect of Chapter1 Daycare, please do not hesitate to speak
to the centre’s supervisor.

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The Staff

The staff behind Chapter1 Daycare all meet or exceed the provinces requirement for educational achievement. Every classroom is headed by a teacher with a degree in either Early Childhood Development or Education.

Additional staff are formally trained in ECE or equivalent training/experience.

Only the most qualified, thoughtful and caring staff are employed at Chapter1 Daycare.

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