Preschoolers have gained a lot of confidence, agility, co-ordination and understanding. Now they need time and experiences to further establish friendships, knowledge, language and skills. How can we help? We can provide:


– sensory materials such as play dough, finger paints, sand and water

– large, open space for running, jumping, dancing and climbing

– team building games, i.e. “Mother, may I?” or “What Time is it Mr. Wolf?”

– allowing time for children to dress themselves (buttons, zippers, snaps and shoes)

– small and large wooden or plastic blocks


– learning through play about letters, words, colors, numbers, shapes, sorting and sizes

– reading and encouraging children to get involved with the story (“what happens next”)

– time for exploration and problem solving

– Mandarin, Spanish, French and Sign language learning

– mental mathematics (abacus)

– financial literacy (saving and spending money, etc.)

– introduction to robotics


– listening to, naming and modeling feelings and discussing how to express them in a safe manner

– opportunities for children to express their opinions about likes/dislikes, activities to choose, what to eat or what to wear

– times for children to be a leader or helper


– playing games or doing activities chosen by the children

– encouraging sharing and taking turns

– helping with younger children

– teaching empathy, nurturing behaviors, relaxation and conflict resolution through role playing

– helping children get involved in the community by cleaning up a park, raising funds for a charity of their choice


– respect for and acknowledgement of child’s budding imagination, inner wisdom and self-choices.

– paint, markers, pencils, papers etc. with easy and open access

– puppets and materials to create the children’s own puppet show

– learning that uses all five senses (smell, sight, taste, touch and sound)

– music, movement and dance

– dress-up clothes (shoes, dresses, shirts, ties, etc) and costumes for role playing

– cooking, baking and mess-making experiences

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