Science Labs and Robotics Interactive Activities

According to a white paper published by the Calgary Economic Development, Calgary has the highest concentration of engineers and technologists among the six largest cities in Canada. This is attributed to the fact that Calgary is the ground zero for the energy sector, which is heavily reliant on the engineering field. Although demand for engineering jobs tend to fluctuate with the micro-economic climate in Calgary, qualified engineers consistently find themselves in the enviable position of being the most likely to be re-hired, locally, nationally and internationally, during and after a market downturn.

Women form an increasing portion of the current labor force and if the trend continues, they may represent the majority in the labor force of the future. However, numerous studies and surveys have shown women are drastically under-represented in the maths, computers and engineering fields. While reasons for such under-representation are up for debate, it is evident that the traditional early childhood learning field has not done enough to present scientific thinking to both genders. Science is something that is formally introduced in primary education but a simple observation of how rapidly an infant or toddler these days is able to manipulate the smartphone or tablet is evidence of the fact that early childhood presents a golden opportunity to introduce and enhance the technical skills.

The world is dramatically changing in front of our eyes as innovation and economic conditions lead to introduction of robotics and mechanized automation in every aspect of one’s life. The world that the children of today will face in the future is clearly going to be very different. It would not be unreasonable to expect increased automation and replacement of several motorized human tasks with artificial intelligence.

Although Hollywood movies tend to portray a bleak future of a world overtaken by machines and robots, the truth of the matter is such a doomsday scenario is not based on facts. Robotics present a unique opportunity by allowing humans to become more productive and focus on value enhancing tasks. It is clear that today’s children will interact a lot more with robots and artificial intelligence as adults in the future.

Chapter1 Daycare addresses both these concerns through the introduction of science labs, where children are exposed to the simple concepts of chemistry, physics and biology and through the introduction of the Dash Robot, the world’s first child friendly robot friend. We want to empower your child with the ability to adapt to all future possibilities.

Stay tuned for more information on the introduction of these features as we test, install and implement them in stages. We will provide further details on what each lab or robot specifically does and how it will enhance the abilities of your child through interactive play. In the meantime, if you have any questions on this aspect, please contact us.

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