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Shaping Your Child’s Future From Chapter1

Every great story begins with Chapter 1

To offer an upscale childcare service for children 3 months to 4.5 year of age that enhances the cognitive, creative, emotional, social, and physical skills of the child through traditional and contemporary early learning educational programs.

We believe that giving the right start to your child will not only give them a lead ahead in life but also build the necessary foundations needed for rest of their lives.

To go beyond a learning environment just for your child to a concierge service for the entire family in order to make your task of raising your child much easier.

Chapter 1 Daycare provides a program to allow your child develop a love for independence, learning, self-control and positive interaction with their peers. We follow an Emergent Curriculum (or Play and Learn Method) because we understand that each child is unique. We provide a safe, comfortable and nurturing space where children are stimulated to assist in the development of social, emotional, physical and intellectual skills.

This is promoted through:
a) an innovative, inclusive and enriched program
b) unique learning experiences
c) supporting open relationships with families
d) experimentation and exploration of the environment
e) developmentally appropriate materials and activities

If you have any questions with the running of your child’s classroom, your child’s care or any other aspect of Chapter 1 Daycare, please contact us.

Our Values

We respect

We believe that

We value


It all began over a dinner conversation with friends one evening on what makes some people extraordinarily successful in life than the rest. A simple question led to one of the most animated conversations one could have among friends. Although there was no simple answer to this question and no consensus was reached on the answer either, we all realized we held one common belief……that the early stages of childhood development plays a critical role in the potential for advancement later in life.

So powerful was this belief in all of us that each of us acknowledged that if we were given a chance to change something in our lives it would be something in our early childhood.

This one conversation from that evening led to a series of events that eventually led to the birth of Chapter 1 Daycare. The chosen name, as you can see, is a deliberate attempt to recognize that every life, like any story, always begins with a Chapter 1, which sets the tone of the ensuing story to follow.

The team behind Chapter 1 comprises a group of young professionals living in Calgary, Alberta. Some of us have regular day jobs, some are entrepreneurs, and some are homemakers. Most of us are young parents. Regardless of our diverse backgrounds, we found common ground in our singular belief of providing a premier early learning environment.

We have deliberately chosen to restrain information about each of us on this site. It is not that we have something to hide or extremely concerned with our privacy. It is simply based on the fact that this place is really not about us. This is about a collusive learning environment involving yourselves – the parents, the development staff / caregivers and all the children.

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