The Chapter 1 Experience

Shaping Your Child's Future from Chapter 1

Our Mission is to offer an upscale childcare service that enhances the cognitive, social, and physical skills of your child through traditional and contemporary early learning educational programs.


We believe that giving the right start to your child will not only give them a lead ahead in life but also build the necessary foundations needed for rest of their lives.

because every great story begins with Chapter 1.

Chapter1 Daycare is now open for commencement all ages (13 months to 6 years) at both our locations – Chinatown, Royal Oak NW. 

Please contact us to inquire about promotional fees or sibling discount. Subsidy is available at both locations.




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Five Fun Ways To Exercise With Your Toddler

It can be challenging sometimes to fit in time to exercise when you’re busy chasing a toddler around (although, that counts for exercise, right?). In order to make it easier to fit exercise into your busy schedule, consider bringing your little one along for the ride! It’s not always easy to find ways to exercise
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How Healthy Foods Boost Your Child’s Brain

How Healthy Foods Boost Your Child’s Brain   Photo credit by Pixabay   Now that school is out and the kids are home, your family may have forgotten how to eat healthy. Kids have a tendency to lounge at the refrigerator all day, using boredom as an excuse to eat more.   It doesn’t have
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5 Tips to Help Your Kids Sleep Better

If you’re like most parents, you probably struggle with getting your kids to go to bed on time. There are many reasons why growing kids need adequate sleep. Not getting enough sleep can affect their ability to concentrate in school, participate in sports, and maintain good grades. At least one study has found that kids
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Why Growing Kids Need Adequate Sleep

Every parent knows the feeling: You’ve spent a long day on the job, taken the kids to their extracurricular activities, put dinner on the table, done two loads of laundry, and now it’s time to relax. You can’t wait until the kiddos are snug in their beds so you can get some well-deserved alone time.
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