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Our Mission is to offer an upscale childcare service that enhances the cognitive, social, and physical skills of your child through traditional and contemporary early learning educational programs.


We believe that giving the right start to your child will not only give them a lead ahead in life but also build the necessary foundations needed for rest of their lives.

because every great story begins with Chapter 1.



Chapter1 Daycare featured in Global News – Searching for daycare is an ordeal — but economists say don’t blame the market


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Morning Routines That Set You Up For Success

Getting both yourself and your children ready in the morning is no easy feat. Most of the time it seems like anything that can go wrong will, including stubborn toddlers, forgetting lunches, or even just waking up late. But a stressful morning is no reason to stop parents from having a good day and work
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Don’t Let Snow Days Be a Loss! Fun Activities for All Kids

Snow days are as dreaded by parents as they are adored by kids. While our children would love to spend their days off in front of the TV, parents know that lazing around only makes the transition back to school harder. At the same time, we don’t want to completely rob snow days of their
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Should you hire a nanny for your child or put them in daycare?

When you’re choosing childcare, one question many parents have is whether they should have a nanny come stay with their child, or choose daycare. There are many pros and cons to both option and we’re here to help you choose what is best for your lifestyle and your child. First off, most daycares only accept
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Exploring the Great Outdoors with your Kids

Exploring the Great Outdoors with your Kids

Does your child enjoy spending time outdoors? Or would they rather relax in front of the TV, watching cartoons or playing their favorite video games? Although there are many ways you can use TV and games to stimulate your child’s mind and encourage them to learn new things, there’s nothing better than sending them outdoors.
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The Benefits of Language Learning for your Kids

Should your child learn another language while they’re young? Although the answer, “yes” may seem the obvious choice, you may be wondering why language learning is important. We all know the advances of technology make the world smaller, and it’s much easier to connect with family, friends, individuals and businesses across the world. In fact,
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Five Myths of Infant Napping

Five Myths of Infant Napping

By Tamara Smith, Infant & Toddler Sleep Consultant, WeeSleep Myth: You need to be held hostage to nap time. You do not need to be at home for every single nap. It is okay to leave the house and have the occasional nap on the go. Always aim to have your child’s first nap of
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How Kids Learn to Share by Playing with Each Other

As a parent, you already know you want the best for your child, and for them to learn the best skills and knowledge for a successful life. Skills such as learning to share, being generous and conflict resolution are all important for children to learn as they grow up. We’ve introduced monthly playdates to encourage
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Nutrition for your child at daycare

Nutrition For Your Child At Daycare

As a working parent, a child care program is the best option to give your children the appropriate amount of attention they need. When deciding to enroll your child, especially an infant (3-12 months) in a daycare program, one of the most important focuses should be nutrition. Nutrition is essential to a baby’s growth and,
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