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Shaping Your Child's Future from Chapter 1

Our Mission is to offer an upscale childcare service that enhances the cognitive, social, and physical skills of your child through traditional and contemporary early learning educational programs.


We believe that giving the right start to your child will not only give them a lead ahead in life but also build the necessary foundations needed for rest of their lives.

because every great story begins with Chapter 1.

The Government of Alberta has just announced a mandatory closure of all licensed child care programs in the Province.

Both our downtown and Royal Oak locations will now be closed indefinitely until further instructions from Government. Closure applies also to schools. The daycare emails and phone lines will remain open and we will continue to reply to any specific inquiries. We advise all families to continue some form of restricted socialization and self-isolation as precautionary measures.

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How Healthy Foods Boost Your Child’s Brain

How Healthy Foods Boost Your Child’s Brain   Photo credit by Pixabay   Now that school is out and the kids are home, your family may have forgotten how to eat healthy. Kids have a tendency to lounge at the refrigerator all day, using boredom as an excuse to eat more.   It doesn’t have
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5 Tips to Help Your Kids Sleep Better

If you’re like most parents, you probably struggle with getting your kids to go to bed on time. There are many reasons why growing kids need adequate sleep. Not getting enough sleep can affect their ability to concentrate in school, participate in sports, and maintain good grades. At least one study has found that kids
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Why Growing Kids Need Adequate Sleep

Every parent knows the feeling: You’ve spent a long day on the job, taken the kids to their extracurricular activities, put dinner on the table, done two loads of laundry, and now it’s time to relax. You can’t wait until the kiddos are snug in their beds so you can get some well-deserved alone time.
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Budget-Friendly Ways to Support the Little Athlete in Your Life

Getting involved in sports is great for kids. It helps them get much-needed exercise that can help prevent childhood obesity. Sports teach kids about teamwork while giving them a social outlet other than school. They are challenging, and help kids learn about overcoming adversity and working toward your goals. There is also evidence that the
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How to Help Your Preschooler Sleep Better (and Longer)

It’s no easy to task to deal with an overtired preschooler. They’re irritable, grumpy, and contrary. Actually, they’re a lot like adults when they’re overtired but without the benefit of adult reasoning and emotional control. So what can you do to help—quite a lot. Sleep patterns are highly responsive to habits and behaviors, and you
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Morning Routines That Set You Up For Success

Getting both yourself and your children ready in the morning is no easy feat. Most of the time it seems like anything that can go wrong will, including stubborn toddlers, forgetting lunches, or even just waking up late. But a stressful morning is no reason to stop parents from having a good day and work
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Don’t Let Snow Days Be a Loss! Fun Activities for All Kids

Snow days are as dreaded by parents as they are adored by kids. While our children would love to spend their days off in front of the TV, parents know that lazing around only makes the transition back to school harder. At the same time, we don’t want to completely rob snow days of their
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Should you hire a nanny for your child or put them in daycare?

When you’re choosing childcare, one question many parents have is whether they should have a nanny come stay with their child, or choose daycare. There are many pros and cons to both option and we’re here to help you choose what is best for your lifestyle and your child. First off, most daycares only accept
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