Fun Indoor Activities For The Whole Family

With the chilly weather outside, kids are spending less time playing outdoors and more time trying to stay cozy. Even when they are bundled up and braving the cold, it can still be challenging to spend hours on end playing, especially in the winter months. 

But there are still ways to have fun and stay active while being indoors. It’s a great way for kids to interact, move around, and take on new challenges while being warm and toasty inside. 

Here are some indoor activities you can try with the whole family. 

Indoor Obstacle Course

Keep the momentum going indoors by moving some furniture around to have an indoor obstacle course.

You can use your imagination and decide between various activities you can do with everyone. From having a laundry basket bean bag toss to a hula hoop challenge to bowling with water bottles. 

Your entire home can be an obstacle course loaded with fun!

Scavenger Hunt

You can have the ultimate scavenger hunt, complete with clues, riddles, and fun items to find. 

This can send them through your home searching for hidden treasures and keep them active for the whole day. The best part is that everyone can work together or in teams to learn new things and spend quality time together.

Arts and Crafts

Let your kids get creative and crafty with interactive art projects. 

The possibilities are endless with art. Together, you can paint on canvas freestyle or spend time teaching them how to make 3D creations with construction paper. 

They can continue to take on new art projects all season long and onwards. 

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