Chapter1 Daycare Launches Oops-Safe Card for Members

oops safe card

We know how important it is for all busy working parents to balance household affairs with childcare needs and work. At Chapter1 Daycare, our goal is to create a suite of services and products to help you balance all three aspects easily and efficiently.

The concierge team at C1D brainstormed various ideas to come up with our first product, that we might say with some level of confidence, is the first of its kind in the industry. We recognize that some work days can be unusually hectic but important to you that it may result in a late pick-up of your child from our center. Or sometimes you just get caught up with the chores of life (aka. Calgary rush hour traffic). We saw no reason to penalize you just because you had an occasional hectic day at work (or simply one of those “Oops” life moments). So we came up with a solution.

Team Chapter1 Cares is pleased to announce the introduction of the “Oops-Safe” Card for all our Full-Time and Part-Time registered members. It is very simple to use and this is how it works:

  1. Each Semi-Circle represents a minute of late pick-up time.
  2. This card allows for total 15 minutes of late pick-up time at no charge to you.
  3. Each partial minute is rounded up to the whole minute.
  4. Simply show the card to the staff during pick-up and the staff will mark off the minutes used.
  5. Card cannot be transferred to another member.
  6. Card is non-replaceable if lost. Consider it like cash. Keep it handy but secure.
  7. There is no Expiry on usage as long as cardholder is registered member.
  8. Unused minutes not redeemable for cash / credit on daycare fees.
  9. The standard Late Fee charge ($1/minute) applies after the 15 grace minutes are used

Please note our official closing time is 6:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

This card is not eligible for daily Drop-In use.

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