Infants, for example, are learning so much everyday! Rolling over, sitting up, scooting, crawling, walking, etc. The list goes on and on. This amount of learning packed into such a short time period will never be repeated again in their lifetime. How can we help? We can provide:


– large indoor/outdoor play space to explore with walking toys, ride-ons, etc.

– open spaces to crawl, scoot, climb and walk

– sturdy, low height furniture for pulling themselves up

– manipulative toys such as shape sorters, stacking/nesting cups and soft blocks


– repeating new words over and over

– short stories, songs and finger plays

– simple wooden peg puzzles


– low staff:child ratios to ensure deeper interactions to build strong  bonds between child and caregiver

– meeting infant’s needs in a timely, comforting and reassuring way

– giving infants lots of time and chances to build and master new skills


– identifying and naming emotions to and for the infant

– having multiple toys for ease of redirection and less frustration for the infants

– small group times for reading and singing


– chunky crayons, chalks, paintbrushes, etc. for exploring, discovering and creating

– finger plays, musical instruments and action songs

– simple dress-up pieces for role playing

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