Chapter1 Daycare provides unique environment for children to learn and develop. Our knowledgeable and dedicated staff, and child oriented curriculum, foster children’s learning experiences. In our Pre-Kindergarten Program children will interact with interesting materials, have interesting conversations with educators about topics that they like, and explore the environment to learn new skills.

Our Pre-Kindergarten Program lays special emphasis on the following aspects of a child’s development: –

  • Language and Literacy Development: Children are born with some skills to communicate by recognizing voices, responding to attention and making eye contact. When others respond, listen, talk and play with them it helps them enhance their thinking and communication skills. These exchanges contribute to a healthy brain development in children. Language and literacy involves listening, understanding, responding, playing, expressing thoughts, and awareness and enjoyment of books and other printed material in the environment.Our educators provide interesting materials for exploration by children, have conversations with them about topics that children are interested in. Children explore printed words in their environment like labels, signs and names.
  • Executive Function and Self-Regulation: These skills help all of us plan, focus, recall instructions, and handle multiple tasks. Children are not born with these skills. However, they are born with potential to develop them.Chapter1 Daycare educators provide support that the children need to build these skills. We provide environment that promotes growth and facilitates child’s executive functions by establishing routines, modelling behaviors and creating and supporting reliable relationships.Our educators foster creative play, social communications, offer choices, assist in reflection, and raise activity levels to stimulate the play.
  • Social and Emotional Development: Positive experiences in early childhood help in developing expression and development of emotions and the ability to establish positive and rewarding relationships with others in children. Children express and perceive emotions before they fully understand them. They gradually build skills to understand their own and others’ emotions and how to manage those.Responsive care-giving by our educators supports pre-kindergarten children in making a beginning to better regulate their emotions.
  • Physical Development and Wellness: This is a time for steady growth and development. Being active and learning skills like coordination, balance, agility and even endurance, helps children achieve self confidence, and improve self-esteem. It also gives a sense of accomplishment and independence.Children learn to coordinate different body movements, cross obstacles, and group play helps them with social development.
  • Cognitive Development: Children develop memory through ages two to seven years. They can understand things symbolically, and begin to understand the ideas of past and future. Cognitive skills are not set in stone. If there are some weak skills, they can be improved through cognitive training.Our educators use fun and challenging mental exercises to train the brain and improve cognitive skills. Puzzles, patterns, shapes, sizes, science, nature and even play are some of the activities the educators will have with children. Children learn to create simple patterns, perform simple addition and subtraction.
  • Creative Expression: Creative expression of the self expression by a child. Creative experiences can help children express and cope with their feelings. Creative activities help in mental growth by providing opportunities for new ideas and problem solving.Our educators encourage child directed play. They help in stimulating child started play by asking questions, adding comments, and make it more challenging encouraging children to come up with more innovative ways of using the play materials. Children benefit by learning about social interaction, coping with feelings, and how to interact with the environment around them. Above all, it is fun.
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