Why should I have my child in a centre that values Movement and Music?

Children benefit greatly from early introduction to various forms of movement, dance, music, art and expression. Research demonstrates that these types of artistic interactions can improve your child’s stress level, help their memory and cognitive function, along with helping them to learn and grow in other areas.

These early introductions allow children to express creativity, establish comforting routines, encourage healthy body image and have a greater sense of self-worth and self-control. These classes are done in a group with teacher participation. Classes are child-focused, meaning that children who wish to simply observe on a certain day are not forced to participate. Every child is encouraged but never forced to attempt any movement or music activity.

What ages can benefit from Movement and Music?

All ages! Classes are geared to the specific age level of the group. For example, babies and young toddlers will experience more basic body movements like waving, clapping, moving their feet and wiggling their bodies. Older toddlers and preschoolers will have exposure to basic movements from dance, yoga, choreographed actions and free-expression movement. Music is an integral part of all age levels in this class. Sometimes the music will be ‘a cappella’ (sung without accompaniment) or done to pre-recorded tracks.

My child doesn’t walk well (or doesn’t walk at all). How can they participate?

Infant and young toddler classes are designed to have the child seated (either independently or on the lap of a teacher). Older toddler and preschool classes can be easily modified for all types of mobility.

Can I see the curriculum? What is the schedule for the class?

Absolutely! Lesson plans are created in accordance with what is happening at the centre that week/month. It is important to remember, however, that lesson plans are just “plans”…classes will be adjusted for lots of different reasons (group energy level, special learning themes, surprising weather conditions). For infants and young toddlers, a month long music / movement plan is created so that the children can get into the routine. Poems, puppets and stories are added. Generally for older toddlers and preschoolers, the class begins with the monthly welcome songs/movements. We then move to warming up our bodies using basic yoga-type stretches and poses. From there, we will concentrate on movement, dance, rhythm and general musical theory. We end with calming body stretching and music. From time to time, special “guests” such as puppets, instruments or expressive stories will be part of the class. It is important to note that classes are not cumulative. If your child is away for any reason, it will not affect their enjoyment or participation in future classes. Although, as with most things in life, consistent and deliberate practice at one thing will yield greater result over the long term.

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