Weekly Menu

At Chapter1 Daycare, our kitchen staff are caregivers who have specialized in the area of food handling and safety and have certifications in this aspect. All food is prepared fresh in the daycare daily. We currently do not offer an organic only food plan but we will consider this option if the demand exists among parents.

We source all our produce and groceries from local suppliers as much as possible and limit the servings of processed food items to only where necessary (soup stock, canned tomatoes etc). If your child has any dietary restrictions it is important that you inform us of such during the Registration process.

The Fees for Toddler and Preschool age groups includes breakfast (if requested only), morning snack, lunch, and late afternoon snack. Our snacks will include two choices from and the lunch will include four choices from the Canada Food Guide.

We can offer a Vegetarian only option upon request but at this time we do not have Kosher or Halal-only options. Due to health concerns, we cannot accept home prepared meals for any child (does not apply to all infants). If your child has any health or allergy related diet restrictions, please discuss it first with the Director before registering.

Parents of all infants registered at the daycare are required to provide milk / formula and feeding bottle.

If you have any specific dietary needs about your child that you wish to discuss, please contact us.

Nutrition of your child at daycare
Weekly Menu (changes weekly please contact daycare for more info):

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