3 Ways To Teach Children How To Share

The phrase “sharing is caring” is something that we all learn. When the time comes to teach it to our children, we can prepare ourselves! Showing them how they can share their favourite toys or snacks with others is a great skill they can take with them in the future. 


Lead By Example


We can set an example by sharing with them. When we put sharing into action, it can draw attention to good behaviour.  Offering them an apple slice or a marker can help them recognize what sharing is and how they can do it too. 


Show That Sharing Is Fun


Children may not want to give up the toy or game they’re playing with. But showing them the more, the merrier can change their mind. Have them do fun activities like puzzles, board games, or building blocks with other children. 


Use Positive Reinforcements


If our child shares with their friends, we can reward them with positive reinforcements. Giving them a sticker or telling them they did a good job is another way to show them they did a kind act. 

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