Ensuring Your Toddler Gets Enough Sleep

A good night’s sleep has positive impacts on your growing toddler. In fact, getting enough sleep can improve their mental and physical health in so many ways. 

That’s why tucking them in at night at the right time ensures they are well-rested enough to begin the next day with energy. Here are 4 helpful tips to ensure your toddler is asleep in no time. 

Avoid Late Nap Times

While nap times during the day can be great for your toddlers, it’s important to monitor when they happen.  If it’s too late in the day, nap time can interfere with their sleep at night. It’s also important to monitor how long your toddlers sleep for. Around one hour of sleep can be beneficial, but exceeding this time may leave them feeling overtired. 

Help Your Toddler Wind Down

Before bedtime, your toddler might have some extra energy. But to help them wind down, you can read a fun book together or practice a relaxing breathing exercise. Those extra few minutes you spend tucking them into bed can be spent unwinding.

It could be just the thing they need to be lulled into a dream world.

Make Their Bedroom A Soothing Place

Keeping your toddler comfy can help them feel safe, secure, and extra sleepy! You can do this by playing calming music, putting on a night light, and giving them a soft blanket or stuffed animal to snuggle.

Creating a soothing atmosphere allows them to rest easily.

Keep A Regular Sleep Schedule 

Having a usual time your toddler sleeps and wakes up can get them into a swing of a routine. Establishing this sleep schedule can help them get their body clock used to this pattern. 

It is beneficial to keep their sleep and wake times within a 1-2 hour timeframe.

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