Exploring the Great Outdoors with your Kids

Does your child enjoy spending time outdoors? Or would they rather relax in front of the TV, watching cartoons or playing their favorite video games? Although there are many ways you can use TV and games to stimulate your child’s mind and encourage them to learn new things, there’s nothing better than sending them outdoors.

Since summer is in full swing, it’s one of the best times of the year to expose your kids to the great outdoors and the health benefits nature provides. According to a research study conducted by the National Wildlife Federation, your child’s connection to nature is essential to their health and wellness.

With the rise of artificial stimulates, it’s much easier to toss your child an iPad and have them amuse themselves. However, exposure to their natural environment keeps your child active instead of adopting a sedentary lifestyle. Aside from increasing fitness levels, playing outside can be known to help your child’s vision and seeing long distance. Time outside also helps their immune system due to the Vitamin D that helps fight against disease.

Outdoor activity also helps with mindset. When your child is spending time with other children, they are forced to use their imagination which increases creativity. Additional studies have shown that kids who spend more time outdoors are more easily able to apply critical thinking skills and score higher on tests. Since our kids are the leaders of tomorrow, we should want them to be the brightest and best generation.

Young children and naturally full of curiosity, and why wouldn’t they be? The world is new to them, so naturally they appear wide-eyed and full of wonder about everything! Here are some fantastic spots in Calgary you can take your kids and help them not only discover more about the world they live in, but have fun and learn while doing so.

Festivals are a fun way to expose your kids to different foods, cultures, music and sights. Here’s a list of upcoming festivals in Calgary: http://www.familyfuncanada.com/calgary/family-friendly-festivals/

Rain or shine, here’s a list of 100 things you can do with your kids in Calgary to get them out of the house and active: http://www.familyfuncanada.com/calgary/100-fun-things-to-do-in-calgary-with-your-family-this-summer/

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