Gift Wrapping for Charitable Cause

On December 5th, Chapter1 Cares Team along with external volunteers and registered children with parents of the daycare stopped by the facility to help out with gift wrapping hand knit sweaters that were made and donated by Kuddlebugz Design of Calgary to the Magic Of Christmas charitable organization, for the purpose of re-gifting the sweaters to families who need a little extra help & warmth in the holiday season.

Chaper1 Daycare sincerely appreciates the help of all the volunteers who took time to come out and help out at this fun event and great cause. All gifts have warmed the hearts of its recipients.

This event also served a secondary purpose of creating a collaborative environment between parent and child that allows for more bonding time while at same time inculcating life learning skills to the child.

We would also like to extend a warm thank you to our registered members, Karolina and her son Oliver, who dropped by to help the team. 


Chapter1 Daycare Gift Wrap Event

Chapter1 Daycare Gift Wrap Event


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