How To Limit Your Child’s Screen Time

When children have free time, they may want to spend some of that time in front of a screen. 

Whether they are playing online games, watching their favourite shows on T.V, or challenging friends on video games. 

But too much screen time can be detrimental to their development. As parents, we can limit their screen time and help them disengage from digital media.

Show Them How

We can show children how to limit their screen time by doing it ourselves. 

If children see that we aren’t spending hours in front of our laptops or tablets, they can feel inspired to do the same. 

Especially if we show them how to fill their time doing other activities that don’t require a screen. 

Make “Technology-Free” Zones

Areas like the kitchen, dinner table, or even their bedroom can be technology-free spaces. 

Having specific areas where no phones, game consoles, or tablets are allowed is great practice.

It allows children to take their eyes off the screen and some quality family time away from other distractions. 

Encourage Unplug Time 

Setting a time for screen time and a time to unplug can encourage children to do something else when they put the electronics away.

During this time, we can show them other activities that can be just as fun and entertaining. 

They have a chance to explore the outdoors, read a good book, or play a board game with the whole family. 

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