Nurturing Your Child’s Curiosity

Keeping your child’s curiosity alive can inspire a lifelong motivation to learn. 

When you encourage a child to embrace their curious side, it lets them see the joy in exploring and discovering new things.

Here are some ways to nurture their curious side:

Take A Personal Interest

Modelling curiosity in the world around you can inspire your child to do the same! Showing a personal interest in the people you know, the hobbies you do, or in the nature surrounding you can show children how to develop an interest of their own. 

This can lead them to find the activity, topic, or hobby they are passionate about, including music, reading, insects, art, and so much more.

Encourage Questions

Let the spark of curiosity continue for your child by answering or redirecting any questions they have. Embracing the questions they have, allows them to want to learn more. 

Instead of saying “yes” or ‘no’ to their questions, you can help them dig a little deeper and expand on their thoughts. Asking your child questions like “what do you think about this?” or “how do you think that makes them feel?” can do the trick. 

Research Together

You can nurture more curiosity by taking visits to the library, museums or science centers with your child. This allows them to find joy in learning new things and take on new experiences. 

It’s a great activity to expose their curious minds to tons of information about different topics that can intrigue them.  By doing your research, you can open the doors for exploration. 


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