Should you hire a nanny for your child or put them in daycare?

When you’re choosing childcare, one question many parents have is whether they should have a nanny come stay with their child, or choose daycare. There are many pros and cons to both option and we’re here to help you choose what is best for your lifestyle and your child. First off, most daycares only accept your child once they are 4 months old or older. If you want time off during those first few months, having a nanny to help around the house and take care your child may be a great option before transitioning to daycare.


Benefits of Having a Nanny

You won’t have to worry about dropping your child off, they’ll stay home in surroundings they are used to.

Often times, nannies can help out with general household chores like laundry and making dinner so you’ll have an extra hand while you’re out and about.

Taking off for sick days will be a concern of the past, nannies will take care of your child whether they are sick, well, they even work through holidays and other days when daycares are typically closed.

Your child will have the benefit of having a consistent caregiver they can know and trust to take care of them as they continue to learn and grow.


The Disadvantages of Having a Nanny

Even though there are many great things about having a nanny in house to take care of you children, there are also several disadvantages.

There is no backup care. If your nanny has an emergency, randomly quits, or can’t make it on a day, you have to scramble to find some backup care.

Hiring a nanny can be quite expensive, and 3-4 times as expensive as any daycare. Although you’ll have much more flexibility, you’ll certainly be paying for it.


Benefits of Having a Daycare

Enrolling your child in daycare gives them a consistent schedule and socialization.

Daycares not only take care of your child, but they surround them with the right learning environment to help them grow and flourish.

Since your child isn’t sitting at home all day, they’ll be able to develop social skills for interacting with peers their age as well as caregivers.

Daycares is much less expensive than having a nanny, and while daycares are closed during holidays, you don’t have to worry about last minute, back up daycare.

To answer the question, should you hire a nanny or put your child in daycare, the best solution may be to have a little bit of both. It can be helpful to have your child in daycare and have an occasional babysitter for evenings and weekends. At the end of the day, you’ll need to do what’s best for you and your children.

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