Believe it or not, a valuable way to learn is through play! 

Playtime allows children to be free and engage through their experiences. That’s why play can help children develop key skills, gain new ideas, and be creative.

When we combine play and learning, it encourages children to grow even more. 

Music And Dancing

Sometimes, the best way to learn is through hands-on experience. Making a lesson into a fun song, dance, or both is the way to go!

It can be a fun way to remember and understand new concepts. 

Moving Outdoors

Taking a trip outside can do the trick! The outdoors provide a source of learning that we can tap into.

This can be an excellent learning opportunity through obstacle courses, running activities, or nature walks.

Playing Dress-Up

Having children dress up or role-play different scenarios can be an imaginative way for them to discover something new. 

If they want to learn what a doctor, vet, chef, or ballerina does, then dress-up can encourage them to put themselves in someone else’s shoes (literally!)

Blocks and Shapes

Playing with blocks, fun shapes, and jigsaws are great ways to encourage spatial thinking. That’s why we can give them time to familiarize themselves with building blocks and introduce new shapes to them. 

It can teach them valuable lessons related to math or problem-solving and lay the foundation for learning in the future.

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