As children start to develop their food preferences, we may notice not all of them are open to trying out new foods. 

It’s not uncommon for children to be picky eaters, especially if they have a favourite go-to meal like nuggets or macaroni and cheese. 

But as parents, we can encourage them to branch out and try new foods over time. Here are some ways to help them explore when it comes to eating.

Share Family Meals

We can be role models for our children by showing them how much we enjoy eating other foods, especially if we have sit-down meals. 

Getting together as a family to eat together allows children to see various food types in front of them and can spark their interest enough to try them! 

Make Eating Fun

We can capture our child’s attention by arranging their food in an intriguing way. Whether we use more colour in our meals or make them into interesting shapes!

Adding creativity to the presentation on the plate can make it more fun for them to eat.

Let Them Be Co-Chefs

One way to get them through their picky eating is to let them help out in the kitchen. If children have a hand in making the food, they may likely want to eat it too!

They can help to pick out the recipe, select the ingredients, or stir them together. Either way, when we involve them in the process, we are also introducing them to a whole new world of food.

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