How Kids Learn to Share by Playing with Each Other

As a parent, you already know you want the best for your child, and for them to learn the best skills and knowledge for a successful life. Skills such as learning to share, being generous and conflict resolution are all important for children to learn as they grow up. We’ve introduced monthly playdates to encourage your child to spend more time playing and learning with other kids. These playdates help children develop social skills and learn how to interact with each other.  Research shows that playing with one another is key to child development. It also helps improve their interpersonal skills as they continue to grow. Playdates are key because they give your child they social skills they need to develop relationships and handle conflicts. There are plenty of opportunities for your kids to learn within in social environments that require sharing, from playing with siblings to time in daycare or at another parent’s home. Children are continuously absorbing and often pick up more cues than you may think that shape their behavior. One way you can encourage your child to share is to lead by example. Children can be quite territorial and when they believe another child has taken their toy they are more likely to react poorly or throw a tantrum. To cut out this kind of behavior teaching your child to redirect and understand sharing is key. Here are steps you can take to ensure your child have the opportunity and learns how to share: – Take them to playdates and have them engage with other children. – Show them how to share with other children and have them practice. – Play where each child plays with a certain toy for a specific amount of time before sharing with other children. – Encourage and praise your child for sharing with others.

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